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End in Sight (Draft Written!)

After fourteen months and fourteen-thousand revisions, my first YA fantasy novel, The Edge of Endless Grass, is almost finished (and I can’t stop thinking about the sequel).

Soon, I’ll start reaching out to agents and trying to get it published, but in the meantime, to celebrate, I wanted to share a blurb about the story and a sample of the book’s first chapter. Everything here is subject to change, but I’m excited to hopefully get this book out so that everyone can read it soon. Thank you for your support!

Without further ado:

In a few weeks, Valerie will be sent into the grasslands to die. With her gone, the rest of the village will have enough to eat. That was the way the world worked. She knew that, but her best friend, Sebby, couldn’t seem to get the picture.

Sebby would give anything to save her, even if that meant following her out of the village. Separated, with everything from the endless grasslands to their own families trying to kill them, Sebby and Valerie need to find a way to survive on their own, and find purpose in a world that never wanted them. 

When he discovers that leaving their village unlocks a strange new ability in each of them, Sebby has to wonder: can he find a place where everyone can live in peace, or will he and Valerie need to remake the world themselves?

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